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    Kripton maintains the branding of local and foreign companies in a synchronic manner through planning and creative teams in the Agency. Develops and implements strategies to strengthen the presence of brands in the domestic and international markets.

  • It is Kripton business to strengthen an existing brand or to create a new brand. It is the rocking force of hundreds of different brands that have been left behind for over 10 years with the creative team who are aware of what a brandishing process is. Brand name work, logo and corporate identity design, printed and interactive promotional material designs, marketing strategy development, advertising campaign and production services are solved within the Agency.

  • Aksesuar Group logo ve kurumsal kimlik tasarimi


    Aksesuar Group Logo and Corporate Identity Design

    Aksesuar Group has added a new one to its luxury segment stores in Istanbul Florya since 1996, totaling 7,500 m2 in Azerbaijan and Iraq. Logo and Corporate Identity Design renewed by Kripton, Aksesuar Design’s store opening was accompanied by many famous and leading names in politics.

    The perfect structure form in the Logo Design of Aksesuar Design, which brings together more than 100 leading brands of the world to its customers, is symbolized as triangle.

  • Kuleli İnşaat Kurumsal Kimlik Örneği


    Kuleli Evleri Logo and Corporate Identity Design

    Logo and corporate identity design of Kuleli Houses brand, which was developed by the Agency for the project of Yıldırım Construction Group's urban transformation, was prepared by Kripton.

    In the logo design of the project located in the Bomonti region, a design style with high strength typography is used, especially considering the complicated structure of the region.

  • Lova Hotel kurumsal kimlik tasarımı örneği


    Lova Hotel Logo and Corporate Identity Design

    The logo and corporate identity design of the Lova brand designed in the concept of city-spa hotel was prepared by Kripton. In order to feel the comfort of the Spa yet in the Logo design, the slope of the letter "L" is inclined 26 degrees. Also with a bird's eye view, the architecture of the hotel is "L" shaped.

    90 page brand identity booklet was prepared within the scope of hotel corporate identity design.

Realistic 3D Visualization
Realistic 3D visualization studies for the construction phase of the construction industry are an important part of the success of marketing services.

    Designed specifically for brands' sales and marketing strategies, Web Sites are encoded within the Agency in a "responsive" manner, as required by the times. Search engine optimizations with expert seo team in the field and publications of completed Web sites can be obtained from Krypton Servers.

    Kripton prepares Web site designs entirely for the needs of brands and does not use any template system. 3D modeling or photo shoots that will be needed during the preparation phase can also be obtained from Kripton studios.

    +Review Website Designs

    Regardless of the sector, indispensable marketing materials in the promotion of brands' products or services are catalogs, brochures, and forms.

    Kripton resolves each of the steps of photo capturing, 3D modeling, text writing and printing that are needed when preparing professional catalog designs within Agency boundaries. It plans, prepares, produces and delivers all the materials needed for the promotion of the brand, product or service within the framework of marketing strategies.

  •  Aydınlatma Katalog Tasarımı Yapan Reklam Ajansı  Enerji Katalog Tasarımı Yapan Reklam Ajansı


  • Does the brand need a face, what about an animated character? It is a brand mascot that comes to life with 3 dimensional technology. The characters we use without aging for many years continue to be effective alternatives to advertising strategies.

  • At this point, the Kripton team brings an alternative to these solutions. They prepare trademark mascots that carry their brand identity on their lines and are specifically drawn and characterized. Prepares and animates three-dimensional models and scenarios. The need for brand mascots in the global marketplace, where advertising solutions is expanding day by day, is growing at an accelerating pace. Advertisements, websites, social media, organizations or promotions; a promotional material that does not end in usage areas is the corporate brand character ...


    One of the greatest weapons of a successful creative staff is correctly shot photo frames. In these shootings each one is provided with product, space and fashion photographers specialized in the field.

    The agency team will shoot in the outdoor, indoor or studio environment for the photos needed in a campaign to be prepared. The video film and production services required for brand, product, service or company promotion are provided in the Kripton circle.

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